“Mon Electro-Magnetisme: An Opera on Attraction”

Plunges audiences into the mysterious realm of human electromagnetism, guided by Madame Energetica Magnetica. Exploring themes of existence, vitality, and human connections, the opera weaves a tapestry of identity, perception, and the fusion of science and spirituality. Madame Energetica Magnetica’s journey, depicted through ten poignant arias, unravels the essence of energy’s impact on our lives. Each aria invites reflection on the interplay between scientific inquiry and spiritual enlightenment, urging viewers to contemplate their energetic essence within the vast cosmos. Seamlessly merging music, storytelling, and scientific exploration, the opera crescendos to reveal energy as life’s fundamental fabric, pulsating with infinite potential. “Mon Electro-Magnetisme” stands as a testament to energy’s profound role in shaping reality, leaving audiences with a deep awareness of life’s interconnected energies. Through its immersive narrative, the opera inspires a richer understanding of existence’s intricate dance.


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